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Unknown Animal Report


Please provide as much detail as possible.

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The following questions relate to the sighting of an unusual or unidentified animal. Please take your time in answering and be as accurate as possible. The information you supply here may aid toward an eventual understanding of this mystery.


1) Date & Time of your sighting:

2) Exact location of sighting (indicate nearest Cities/towns, Highways/Routes, compass readings, GPS coordinates, specific bodies of water, and any pertinent landmarks). This information would be crucial to revisiting the site:

3) What were you doing when you sighted the animal?

4) How did it attract your attention?

5) Was more than one (1) animal sighted? If so, how many?

6) Description of animal(s) - (please give as much detail as possible):

7) What direction was the animal coming from?

8) In what direction was it heading?

9) What were the weather conditions at the time of the sighting?

10) How long (i.e. seconds, minutes, hours) was the animal in sight?

11) Was there any unusual lack or abundance of other wildlife (animals, insects, etc.) in the area preceding, during, or after the time of the sighting?

12) When in motion, what was the approximate speed of the animal?

13) When stationary, what did the animal appear to be doing?

14) Other than yourself, did anyone else see the animal?

If so, how many others?

If possible, please indicate their names, relationships, and ages:

15) If your sighting was made from a maritime vessel, an aircraft, or a terrestrial vehicle please indicate what type:

16) Did you report your sighting to any other officials?

If so, who?

17) Did any of the unknown animal's physical features or actions remind you of any known animal(s)?

If so, please explain:

18) Did the animal appear to be aware of you or react to your presence? If so, please explain:

19) Was there any unusual odor noticed before, during, or after the sighting? If so, please describe it:

20) Did the animal make any sound? If so, please describe it:

21) Did you photograph the animal? If so, what kind of photographic device was used (digital or film camera,
videocamera, etc.): What was the make & model of the device?

22) How did your sighting end (how did you lose sight of the animal)?

23) Relative to the sighting of this animal, did anything else unusual occur?

If so, please explain:

24) Are you aware of any physical evidence (e.g. tracks, fur, droppings, blood, etc) discovered in the immediate area of the sighting?

If so, please explain:

Were samples collected or photographed? If so, please explain:

25) Today's date is:


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